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House of Filtration consisted of two companies that has now become one, each with their expertise in different areas of the filtration world. These companies operate from a shared location in Vissenbjerg, Denmark, where they bring together their knowledge and experience under one roof.

The Companies are:

Nordic Filtration: Nordic Filtration primarily focuses on water treatment products, including reverse osmosis, water softening, and UV disinfection. These products are crucial as both consumers and businesses prioritize high water quality, especially in pharmaceutical applications where strict standards must be met.

Filter-Online: Filter-Online offers filtration solutions to private customers, the HoReCa sector (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café), and the plumbing industry. Their range includes drinking water-approved Smartflow softening systems, kits for the removal of impurities like ochre from water, and certified products for filtering drinking water.

What binds these companies together is their dedication to customer satisfaction and their goal to ensure a seamless experience from the initial inquiry to the delivery of products. We have a deep passion for filtration and take pride in solving filtration challenges for the benefit of our customers.

Throughout the House of Filtration, we can offer filtration solutions to both private customers and businesses, as our range is broad and versatile. It is highly likely that we also have a solution that suits you and your company.

In House of Filtration, you will find products in the following categories:

Liquid Filtration

House of Filtration can handle a wide range of tasks in liquid filtration, whether it’s coarse or fine filtration, depending on our customers’ specific needs in their respective businesses. We offer several types of filter housings that can handle different pressure and flow conditions. These filter housings can be equipped with various types of filter media, such as filter bags in materials like polypropylene, polyester, or nylon mesh. Additionally, we have an extensive selection of cartridge filters for various filtration purposes.

We offer different types of filtration, including surface filtration, depth filtration, and activated carbon filtration. These filters come in various sizes and with different connections to meet different needs. Most filters come with DOE connections, and we also have selected filters with CODE7 connections available.

We are also proud to offer products from 3M, a globally recognized brand known for its high quality in liquid filtration. This collaboration allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of reliable filtration solutions that meet the highest standards for liquid filtration. At House of Filtration, we always strive to deliver the best products and services to our customers.

Measurement Equipment

If your company has a large, compressed air system, you’re likely aware of the importance of monitoring the quality of compressed air to avoid unwanted production downtime. This can be achieved using various types of equipment, which you can find with us.

In our product range, we offer equipment for dew point measurement, flow measurement, and vacuum measurement, all high quality and manufactured by the German manufacturer SUTO. With these different measuring instruments, you can easily detect leaks in your compressed air system using both stationary and mobile measurement units.

Most of our products can be customized to precisely fit your company’s needs, and some measuring units can even be connected to an app, making it easy to read and store measurements from time to time. This allows you to maintain a reliable and efficient operation of your compressed air system while identifying and addressing any issues in a timely manner. We are here to help ensure that your compressed air is of the highest quality and meets your production needs.

Water Treatment

We offer a wide range of solutions for water filtration and purification, including reverse osmosis, water softening, and UV disinfection. Each of these systems has its own strengths and purposes, depending on whether you want to remove hardness from the water or eliminate contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and antibiotics.

Our reverse osmosis systems from AQUAPHOR are available for both small and large businesses and come in different variants that focus on compact design, performance, or use in areas with high salt content in the water.

Hard water is a common issue in many places, and many people want to combat it to protect plumbing installations and expensive industrial equipment that relies on water. We offer Smartflow DUObloc, a water softening system with significant capacity that exceeds typical units used in private homes. The increased capacity allows for the use of this type of water softener in front of larger installations or in multi-family homes and apartment complexes where multiple households can benefit from the same system. This eliminates the need for individual installations in each apartment, which is often impossible due to space limitations.

Drinking Water

Water is an essential resource for human life, and we use it daily for drinking directly from the tap or bottle, as well as in our cooking, where it comes into direct contact with the foods we prepare, such as boiled vegetables, pasta, and rice.

Therefore, it is crucial that our water is completely free of unnecessary particles that should not be present in our drinking water. Although water undergoes filtration at water treatment plants, it is not always sufficient. We often hear about various particles that can pass through this initial filter, after which it is recommended to boil the water to remove them. Even with well-purified water from the treatment plant, water can absorb particles in the piping system before it reaches your tap.

There are many options for further filtering drinking water. This can include simple and practical solutions like a water filter pitcher, where the water passes through a filter. These filters can reduce the content of substances like calcium, making them ideal for use in electric kettles or coffee makers to prevent scale buildup and the subsequent need for descaling. There are also filtration solutions that can be installed directly on the faucet or under the sink, all with the primary purpose of providing optimal filtration for your drinking water.

We especially recommend portable solutions like water filter pitchers when traveling, as water quality can vary significantly around the world, and it is important to ensure that the water you drink is safe and clean. All products in this category are approved for use with drinking water and are designed to deliver high-quality water.

Water Filtration

There is a wide range of products available for water filtration, and particularly the filtration of well water and surface water has become popular in many countries due to the potential impurities and particles that can be found in these water sources.

Filters can effectively remove impurities such as ochre, rust, pesticides, sand, and other small particles from the water. Ochre kits, which have become popular in many Scandinavian countries, have proven to have a noticeable impact on water quality, and the purified water after filtration is often significantly cleaner and clearer.

Activated carbon filters made from coconut shells are another filtration method commonly used, especially when water has an unpleasant odor and taste. This type of filter can effectively remove bad taste and odor from the water while also eliminating traces of chlorine that may be present in the water.

Having access to reliable water filtration is crucial to ensuring that the water we use in our daily lives is safe and clean. The various filtration methods and products available allow us to tailor our filtration to the specific needs and qualities of the water we use. This is essential for our health and well-being.

HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, and Café)

In the restaurant industry, water filtration is often crucial before water is used in dishwashers, ice machines, water dispensers, or coffee makers. We collaborate with BRITA and therefore offer a comprehensive range of filters that can easily be installed in front of these machines. This reduces the calcium content in the water, which not only prolongs the lifespan of appliances like coffee makers but also keeps pipes and hoses free from calcium deposits, which can become more extensive over time.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and appreciate the right flavor, you’ve likely spent time finding the perfect coffee bean for your serving. However, water quality is also crucial to the taste of your coffee. We offer small and space-saving systems that use reverse osmosis technology to help you customize the water’s composition for your coffee. With these systems from AQUAPHOR, you can easily control the water’s mineral content to achieve the desired composition.

We also offer reverse osmosis systems that can be installed in front of dishwashers in kitchens at our HoReCa customers. These systems extend the lifespan of the appliances by preventing rust formation. Using reverse osmosis technology, the APRO system can remove excess salts and minerals from the water. Additionally, the pre-filter for this model is effective at capturing calcium, providing optimal cleaning performance, especially on glassware, plates, and cutlery.

Water Softening & Salt

Hard water can be a challenge in many private homes and businesses. While some people choose to leave the water hard, a growing percentage choose to invest in a water softening solution, often in the form of a water softening system.

Our Smartflow water softening systems are becoming increasingly popular in private homes due to their reliable performance and low consumption of both crystal salt and water. These systems are flow-controlled, meaning they regenerate themselves after usage or after a predetermined time period. If you don’t use the entire capacity within 14 days, Smartflow will automatically perform a regeneration overnight to ensure it doesn’t affect your daily water consumption. Smartflow softens the water to a level that reduces the need for scale deposits in appliances like electric kettles and coffee makers. Additionally, it helps prevent the typical lime streaks on glass surfaces in the shower cabin and can also reduce the consumption of detergent when washing clothes.

We recommend using crystal salt for Smartflow water softening systems as crystal salt is a natural material that hasn’t been processed in the same way as salt tablets. Smartflow can be purchased directly from our webshop, but we also distribute through well-known hardware stores such as Davidsen and Bauhaus, where you can find the systems both online and in their physical stores. If you’d like to explore our product range further, please follow the links to the specific company that suits your filtration needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help you improve the water quality in your home or business.

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